2019 GOCleanEnergy , Conference in Bend, OR. 2019 Sponsor info

October 3, Trinity Church.  Up to 3 keynotes, 2 tracks. Day and evening.

INVITATION to Presenters    CONTACT dhodiak@350deschutes.org

Presentation Goals

The focus will be on energy, innovation and efficiency, with how-to presentations that encourage reductions in GHG emissions. Environmental presentations are encouraged to the extent that they present a solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions that has general or scientific support.  Presentations including social equity and bringing clean energy, clean fuels, and clean transportation to all people, including elderly, low income, and people of color are encouraged.

  1. To serve the needs and interests of the Central Oregon Community, including businesses, individuals, and government
  2. Presenters are encouraged to include how-to elements that encourage participation in actions that reduce GHG emissions
  3. To encourage participation by making actions easy to understand, including links, case examples, or referrals to those who can help.
  4. To facilitate conversations in how-to and hands -on activities in a group session that involve a particular sector, such as buildings and real estate, restaurants, waste, retail, construction, landscaping, technology, or, alternatively, encourage integration across sectors.