We’re so glad you’re here!

For the last few years, 350Deschutes has been working  with great volunteers and supporters to bring you the very best in education and a conference that puts it all together. More than ever, we want to help you and others transition to a clean, low carbon world!

It’s what we need to do if we want a quality life and a positive future for all people, and all living things on the planet.  It’s not going to happen overnight.  We know its challenging to find the pioneers that are leading the way. Whether it’s working together on policy to change the rules, or ideas to help you form your plan, or the incentives to help you fund your projects, we feel that you will find those tidbits of wisdom at the Go Clean Energy Conference. As past attendees tell us, “I couldn’t choose between all the good options” or “I learned so much.” We hope you’ll feel the same way. We’re in this together, really.

We hope that you’ll be just as encouraged and excited by what you discover as we were the day we discovered the experts to help you put it all together. Best of all, we know that these innovative actions are going to improve your life, your bottom line, and position you as a leader among others. Without question, working together, we can create a better planet for everyone. 

Visit 350deschutes.org for more information about us!

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